The power of accessories

Imagine two attractive women of the same age, with similar figures, both dressed in jeans and white t-shirts

One of them passes the street unnoticed, while the other gathers admirative glances. Why?

Because she wear a vibrant scarf thrown around her shoulders. Or a daring statement necklace. Or maybe a fabulous pair of red shoes and a Fedora hat.

The difference between those two beautiful women is the accessories.

The accessories have the power to transform a blend outfit into something sensational. They also have the power to ruin an outfit, if they are misused.

Let’s take a plain, black  sheath jersey dress. (I love black dresses because I see them like canvases on which I can paint whatever I want with the right accessories).

Here is how you can turn the same dress into several different outfits that can be worn on different occasions.

Black dress with a gorgeous silk scarf, gray envelope bag and medium heeled pink shoes and I’m ready to go to a late dinner out.

Same black dress with dusky pink loafers and a light pink jean jacket – a casual outfit that I worn on a visit at the mall.

Same black dress with smart beige jacket, a golden necklace and nude-black shoes – perfect office outfit.

This is another black jersey dress, with short sleeves and A skirt.

Here I wear it with a vibrant fuchsia scarf, with folk pattern. Since the scarf print has a bit of blue, I match it with a black-and-blue bag and a thin blue necklace. I completed the look with the light-pink denim jacket and ballet flats.

The same black dress worn with a beautiful silk scarf with floral prints and black trimming. I chose a pair of high heels velvet black shoes, which I don’t wear often because I prefer lower heels. The final touch was given by the gorgeous statement necklace, golden bracelets and a little beaded bag.

The next one is also an elegant outfit, with the black dress and a spectacular silver scarf. This time I wore grey lower heels sling back shoes, which are much more comfortable. I picked a long black-and-silver necklace and done.

Finally, the black dress with yellow sandals and a cross-bag, teamed with my classic denim jacket – a casual outfit I wore on an afternoon coffee with my friend.

I hope my outfits show you the power of the accessories and help you find the right accessories for you. If so, give it a like & share ­čÖé

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